Dr. Paul Muscolino
Certified Nutritionist (MS Biochemistry)  
Certified Sports Physician
Wellness / Anti-Aging Consultant  
Applied Kinesiologist 
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A foundation of knowledge you can trust

I believe that a good education and continuing education is the foundation for excellence in any practice. That is why I'm proud not only to have graduated from respected universities, but also to have branched out into carried related fields of complimentary health care. The knowledge I gained allows me to dedicate my career to helping people live healthy, pain-free lives.

Education:  D.C., Logan College of Chiropractic

Masters:  Biochemistry & Nutrition, of Bridgeport

Extensive experience and advanced training

Experience is invaluable, because every individual's treatment is different. During my 30 years of practice, I've learned so much that just isn't in any textbook. I've acquired valuable knowledge through thousands of hours of postgraduate work in seminars, lectures, and workshops because I offer such wide-ranging and varied education, experience, and advanced training. I'm able to bring a number of different disciplines to my patient's care.

Over 30 years of experience

Certified:  Chiropractic Sports Physician, Clinical Nutritionist     Chiropractor for several New York Knicks professional basketball players and soap opera stars                                                                       

Advanced Training: Applied Kinesiology, Craniology, E.Q.T., Orthopedics,, Diversified Chiropractic  Techniques (Logan, Motion Papation, Myofascial, Activator, Trigger Point),, Psychological Stress Reduction    

Dedicated to professional growth

Professional societies allow me to meet with my colleagues from across the nation and share new developments in chiropractic. You benefit from the knowledge to hundreds of specialist nationwide.

Diplomat:  National Board of Chiropractic Examiners

Member:  American Chiropractic Association International & American Academy of Clinical Nutrition, New York State Chiropractic Association

Meritorious Award:  International Congress on Stress, American Dental Association, New York State Chiropractic College, New York Chiropractic Association, Colombus Institute of Chiropractic, Clinical Masters, Parker Research, Scarsdale Community


Sharing Knowledge is a top priority

I want everyone to know how they can live healthier. That's why I'm happy to share my expertise whenever possible, whether it's through appearing at a prestigious international, teaching future doctors, lecturing, or appearing on.

International Presentation:  "An Integrated Approach to Stress and Stress Management" at the Sixth Annual International Congress on Stress- Geneva, Switzerland

Lecturer:  To various hospitals- Chiropractic, Medical, Podiatry, Dental, Nursing, Nutritional and Holistic groups; also to support groups and community groups

Associate Professor:  New York Chiropractic College

Television Host:  "Doc Around the Clock" weekly health program

Author:  National and International periodicals, newspapers, and magazines