Dr. Paul Muscolino
Certified Nutritionist (MS Biochemistry)  
Certified Sports Physician
Wellness / Anti-Aging Consultant  
Applied Kinesiologist 
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Dr. Paul Muscolino is proud of the satisfaction of his patients.  Aside from what his patients say about him below, see the reviews on Dr. Muscolino at the independent website http://www.wellness.com.

November 11, 2011

As an actor, I have performed roles around the country that have put me harms way.Consequently, I have been treated by this country's greatest chiropractors - Drs. George Goodheart and Rob Radtke in Detroit, Dr Brimhall in Phoenix, Dr. Springer in L.A. But I always come back to Dr. Paul Muscolino as the ultimate measure of whole healing, crisis trouble shooting, and long term integrative care. What he accomplishes in one treatment I have had presented to me as a course of treatment over 12 visits by lesser chiropractic practitioners.While he is always searching for new methods,processes,and treatments to serve his patients ,I have as well experienced techniques that he will use for special problems that are no longer taught. He will explain their origin and history as well as their special application. One's first treatment with Dr. Muscolino might easily be experienced as "magic". But that is the standard of excellence his patients come to expect.It is merely the Muscolino Miracle. 

James Kiberd   

March 22, 2010

This is a testimony to the wonderful care given by a special, Dr. Muscolino.

I started chiropractic sessions with Dr. Muscolino in 1998. I had just begun a year-long Medical Leave from my position as a Customer Service Manager with the New York City Department of Protection. I was sick and tried, having been identified has having an extremely high Epstein Bar indicator, and diagnosed with Chronic Figure Syndrome and Fribromyalgia.

I could hardly walk. I was exhausted all the time, and in constant pain. I had other medical issues that were compromised because I couldn't move around as I should. Exercise was infrequent, because it was so painful.

Dr. Muscolino was a Blessing. He began adjustments, and prescribed vitamins and minerals so that I began to feel better, almost immediately. And several weeks later, although I was not yet well, I was able to travel out of the country, for important business reasons. I knew that if I followed the protocol as closely as possible, using massage as a rough substitute for chiropractic adjustments, I would be able to function function fairly well. And even though I was tired most of the time, and I did not have another total breakdown.

On my return to the States, we begun weekly therapeutic sessions, that helped me to become more and more flexible, so that Dr. Muscolino's joke, is, "when I first met you, you were as stiff as board, and now you're becoming a loose woman." 

And I am, thanks to him. I've been able to begin to work on some of my other health challenges, because I FEEL like it, and because the chiropractic care for the Chronic Fatigue, and the Fibromyalgia has helped me all around. I'm feeling well enough to deal with other issues.

I've returned to work, and while some of the stress still exist, I can feel the difference in my physical persona. I feel well enough to go through daily routines, instead of looking for the nearest resting place. I still have my weekly sessions, because I still experience pain and exhaustion. But it's manageable. And, unlike other who have the same clinical issues that I have, and who are house bound and/ or bed ridden, I am, and living well.

Thanks, Dr. Muscolino,

Cheryl Abramson Richards